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Broken Needle Diss Broken Needle Diss

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I know this is mad late, but yeah.. I lol'd pretty hard. BN's still a bitch.

Hard in the paint/BMF remix Hard in the paint/BMF remix

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Hahahah yeah boy

Yall ain't shit.....clean diapers

*Money Mission* ft. Russia *Money Mission* ft. Russia

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That beat is sick is as fuck, you got mad flow kid... I fucks with it heavy

traumatik1 responds:

xD haha thanks yo that means alot..Watch out for us, the Workshop, doin shows in Salt Lake City in Feb..and Vegas in March..May-San diego..if u close to any of those we culd collab

japan4 - screwing around japan4 - screwing around

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Yeah, the melodie is tight

It has that serious feel to it. It kinda reminds me of apologize by one republic.. I can hear timbo in the back sayin' "Hey.. hey" I like the drum and bass pattern, just not the sound.. it kinda deflates the beat lol

Venomous Beat- HH Complex Venomous Beat- HH Complex

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Haha! This is dope!

That's actually a poem, so the tempo varies through out it ..but I really like this beat, so if you asend me the beat by its self I can write some lyrics to this!

Sting - Time Marches On Sting - Time Marches On

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I agree, however....

I believe time is a constant war that we're always in battle with.True, we may have never won a battle before, but time is endless and we will battle again. If anything, it's a cycle . The say history repeats its self until we get it right. I find that to be true. Maybe it's not for us to master time, but instead to become ageless with it.

Blasphem-E responds:

Hmm.. humanity transcending time. Would be quite the accomplishment. But would it not remove purpose from life?

Bout my money (Rap Song) Bout my money (Rap Song)

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Dr_S - Assassin Dr_S - Assassin

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Hey, man!!

This is really dope, I like it a lot. I'm going to be using it in a skit for a song that I'm working on. Don't worry, you'll get full credit, and we're not going to alter it =) I'll hit you up with a link when it's done!

Darkmaster603 responds:

Thanks, I'm glad it's useful to you!

I'm looking forward to seeing what can do with it.

[Exploration (Y.O. Mix)] [Exploration (Y.O. Mix)]

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This sucks

it really does...

Set You Free (Epica) Set You Free (Epica)

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this sucks

Teck071 responds:

lol wanker