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Hot! I see you're up on here, man. I'm just getting back up on here too. I've been listening to tracks and dropping reviews. I saw this and was like "Aw shit..." This is definitely fire!

Bright Lights And Fights Bright Lights And Fights

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Not really feeling the beat (if you can call it that). The recording quality wasn't bad, just very low. It was hard to understand what you were saying. So yeah, since I couldn't really hear you, I can't really judge you on that. Your voice isn't bad either. I'll rock out with a 3/5. Average from what I can tell. My advice -choose better (hop hop) beats and spend a little bit more time mixing your tracks. Other than that, keep doing your thing and don't hesitate to message me when you have new uploads. I'd love to review for you.

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Scuinox responds:

I'm completely aware of the issues with my tracks. I've just been trying to get better and definitely something I've really been learning is to take my time. That's one thing that I've lacked in the past. If anyone likes them or got anything from them that's cool. I could've just let them gather dust on my computer. I have a lot more songs on my profile you could take a gander at if you want. Thanks for the review.

All Star COVER All Star COVER

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Nah man. I'm going to need you to put some respect up on my Hip Hop portal.

Move up out my way Move up out my way

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This is pretty good. You kinda got that Rae Sremmurd feel going. The beat was fitting, but that silly tag was getting in the way. Should probably drop that 10-15 bucks for the lease. Audio quality was straight, I was able to understand most of the lyrics, even if some were dragged out a bit. I'll definitely look into some of your other work. Keep it up, man!

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Broken Needle Diss Broken Needle Diss

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I know this is mad late, but yeah.. I lol'd pretty hard. BN's still a bitch.

Hard in the paint/BMF remix Hard in the paint/BMF remix

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Hahahah yeah boy

Yall ain't shit.....clean diapers

*Money Mission* ft. Russia *Money Mission* ft. Russia

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That beat is sick is as fuck, you got mad flow kid... I fucks with it heavy

traumatik1 responds:

xD haha thanks yo that means alot..Watch out for us, the Workshop, doin shows in Salt Lake City in Feb..and Vegas in March..May-San diego..if u close to any of those we culd collab

japan4 - screwing around japan4 - screwing around

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Yeah, the melodie is tight

It has that serious feel to it. It kinda reminds me of apologize by one republic.. I can hear timbo in the back sayin' "Hey.. hey" I like the drum and bass pattern, just not the sound.. it kinda deflates the beat lol

Venomous Beat- HH Complex Venomous Beat- HH Complex

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Haha! This is dope!

That's actually a poem, so the tempo varies through out it ..but I really like this beat, so if you asend me the beat by its self I can write some lyrics to this!

Sting - Time Marches On Sting - Time Marches On

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I agree, however....

I believe time is a constant war that we're always in battle with.True, we may have never won a battle before, but time is endless and we will battle again. If anything, it's a cycle . The say history repeats its self until we get it right. I find that to be true. Maybe it's not for us to master time, but instead to become ageless with it.

Blasphem-E responds:

Hmm.. humanity transcending time. Would be quite the accomplishment. But would it not remove purpose from life?