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I don't even know what camp north is...

but this damn song is making me want it to comeback to! and go to where it was from..and go to where ever it belongs? o.O

I don't know, good shit though!

That's great!

Gotta love it, great story.. interesting climax.. and hella' funny conclusion.

Who's foot is that?

It's mine! it was mine all along!

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to warboy

oh wow you pulled a foolsmate ..so impressive try that against a human player like myself and see how quick you lose your lil queen lol

I gotta say

if I was new to newgrounds I would love this entirly you broke down everything in less then 6 paragraphs or less im no role model on ng for reviews lol I get a lil angry when I waste my time looking at some of these montrosities but however its worth because there are plenty of talented autores out here I think the audio portal is a little underrated but hey thats jus me and thats whewre I make things happen lol but yeah this is a good tut man I hope to see this in a collection for tuts anyway good luck to you and good job ??? + 5 = ??? lol cant see the score but I fived it lol

Sispri responds:

Ok thanks! :D


kinda boring after while i guess its good for kids maybe the controls are lil un responsive but eh

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Pretty cool. Flow is dope. Not sure the beat is hip hop, but it gets a pass.

xHapy responds:

i like mixing rapping with electronic/edm music but yea i didnt know what else to put it in lol

Not bad, mayne. Not bad at all. I'm diggin it.

I mean, for rapping and freestlying in a car it's not bad. Your voice has matured since way back. I'll give some of your newer stuff a listen and see how you're doing with that.

Also, shoutout to your Cheese Burgaz diss to me being still lit.

Hey, people. I'am Naysly, known to most as Sly. I'm a emcee,poet and starting producer. If you would like to contact me directly you can message me on my Yahoo I.M: serioussilence@yahoo . com

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